A Brush with Kindness

Habitat for Humanity of Denton County's "Brush with Kindness" program serves low-income homeowners impacted by age, disability, and/or family circumstances who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes.

Please email or mail all documentation to:


Habitat for Humanity of Denton County

Attn: Nancy Rodriguez

P.O. Box 425

Denton, TX 76202

Email: NancyRod@hfhdentoncounty.org

Office Phone: (940) 484-5006, ext. 9002


There is no cost to apply or to receive these services, but you must qualify for the program.

A Brush with Kindness is a Habitat program that mobilizes volunteers to provide exterior home maintenance assistance to low-income homeowners. It addresses a critical and often overlooked need: After years of deferred maintenance, homes fall into disrepair. This can lead to a downward spiral: code citations, the loss of homeowner insurance, and ultimately mortgage foreclosure. These effects hurt not just individual homeowners, but also entire neighborhoods. In most metropolitan areas, few housing programs help low-income homeowners with their housing maintenance issues.

Under this program model, homeowners are eligible to participate in A Brush with Kindness based on factors such as the condition of the home, income, and a demonstration of challenging circumstances such as disability, illness or age that prevent them from doing the work by themselves. Qualifying homeowners contribute sweat equity by working side by side with volunteers to complete the work if they are able.

Volunteers perform the vast majority of all the work on these homes. Volunteers are recruited through businesses, churches and community groups. Volunteer teams of various sizes are matched with homeowners to work on and complete assigned tasks.

Who Does "A Brush with Kindness" Help?

  • Homeowners who are living in their home full time.
  • People whose homes are in visible disrepair and they are unable to afford exterior paint repairs.
  • People facing a city code violation or insurance policy cancellation.
  • Clients who are single parents, elderly, disabled, or veterans.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All able-bodied homeowners and residents of the home are required to work 8-16 hours alongside volunteers.
  • Homeowners are expected to be cooperative partners with staff and volunteers.
  • Repairs needed must match the scope of the “A Brush with Kindness” program. (Paint only)
  • Meet Income Guidelines
  • Provide Income Tax Return for Income Verification