everyone deserves a decent place to call home.

Check back here often to stay up to date on the progress of our Current Builds and know how you can get involved! We recently completed our 107th home and have broke ground on our 108th home at 102 Sims Street in Sanger alongside the Williams family. 

Habitat's 108th Home - 102 Sims St. Sanger, TX 76266 - The Williams Family

Status: In Progress

Past Events and Progress Updates:

Truss Day in Sanger, TX

Amidst the busy construction scene, Habitat for Humanity extends a heartfelt thanks to the build committee, Gillean Brothers Roofing, and Sunbelt Rentals for their invaluable help during "Truss Day" at the site of Habitat's 108th home. This day marked a significant step toward making another family's dream of owning a home a reality. Your efforts are more than just building materials and equipment – they're a symbol of hope and possibility for families in need. As the sun set on this day of progress, Habitat for Humanity wants to express our deepest gratitude for your kindness and hard work, which inspire us all to keep working together for a brighter future.

OSB Day in Sanger, TX

A sincere appreciation goes out to the remarkable Habitat team, ReStore team, volunteers, and build committee for their outstanding contributions during the recent OSB day. Their unwavering dedication and hard work played a pivotal role in achieving success as Habitat continues its mission to provide affordable housing solutions. With every nail driven and board placed, they demonstrated a commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others. As Habitat looks ahead to the next phases of the project, gratitude fills the hearts of all involved for the passion and dedication demonstrated by each member of the team. Their hard work and generosity serve as a beacon of inspiration for the entire community. Their invaluable support is deeply appreciated as the organization continues to transform lives, one home at a time.

Walls Up in Sanger, TX

Habitat for Humanity of Denton County recently reached a significant milestone in their mission to provide affordable housing, completing the walls-up stage for the 108th home of the Williams family. This crucial phase marks a tangible step forward in the construction process, bringing the family closer to their dream of homeownership.
The accomplishment wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the Habitat Build Committee, Habitat staff, and Wells Fargo volunteers. Their hard work and commitment have been instrumental in moving the project forward and making a lasting impact on the Williams family's lives.
This accomplishment also reflects the enduring spirit of generosity and compassion within Denton County. From the skilled hands shaping the walls to the behind-the-scenes coordination ensuring smooth progress, each contribution embodies a shared commitment to building stronger, more inclusive communities. The completion of the walls-up stage not only signifies progress in construction but also symbolizes the collective investment in the well-being of our neighbors. As Habitat for Humanity of Denton County celebrates this achievement, it serves as a reminder of the profound impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations unite in pursuit of a common goal. Through continued collaboration and dedication, we can build not just houses, but also brighter futures for families like the Williams'.
As the walls-up stage is completed, Habitat for Humanity of Denton County extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved for their invaluable contributions. With their support, the organization continues to make strides towards providing safe, decent, and affordable housing for families in need within the community.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The official Groundbreaking of our 108th Habitat home took place on Saturday morning, December 2, 2023.

Meet this build's Future Homeowner!

In securing this home, mother Belinda has laid down roots that will serve as a stable and nurturing environment where her husband and two children can thrive. The hard work that went into becoming homeowners for the 108th home are a testament to the resilience of the Williams family and the support provided by the incredible mission of Habitat for Humanity.

The Williams family is embarking on a journey filled with possibilities. Belinda’s dream of a place where laughter echoes through the halls, where family bonds strengthen, and where memories are woven into the very fabric of their lives has become a reality. The 108th home is not just a house; it is a testament to the transformative power of community, compassion, and the belief that every family deserves a place to grow, thrive, and call their own.

With a little help, we all have the potential to stand on our own. Here at Habitat, we help people reach the potential that is and has always been within them by providing access, tools, and opportunity. Soon, Belinda will be able to provide a foundation of strength, stability, and independence for her family through the building of her very own Habitat home.

Volunteer alongside the Williams family!

Habitat’s homebuyers invest 300-400 hours of their own labor, called “sweat equity,” on their home, working alongside volunteers and other Habitat homeowners, in addition to paying an affordable mortgage and receiving financial education. Habitat and these future homeowners need YOU to help build this home!

Volunteer shifts require sign-ups online.

Partner with Habitat

Interesting in donating, sponsoring, or partnering with Habitat to help build this home? We are always in need of financial and in-kind support to help us build. Please call (940) 484-5006 or email loraatkinson@hfhdentoncounty.org if interested.

THANK YOU to the Sponsors and In-Kind Partners of our 108th Build!

Sponsors: The State of Texas, Ruth’s Room, Citizens, Behr, Wells Fargo

Partners:  Whirlpool, Square D by Schneider Electric, Jimmy Duty, A Closer Look Inspection Services, Adams Exterminating Company, Equal Housing Opportunity, Touchstone Roofing LLC, Whitworth Engineering, The Colony CuttUps, Humphrey & Associates, Granite Huggers, GEOTEX, CN Custom Cabinets.